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Cleaning Green *Clean-Rite has always used low-odor cleaning solutions that are biodegradable and safe for children, pets and environment. Best of all...our process leaves ZERO residues! 

Minimum service:     House: $190     Condominiums: $250




Our company is highly qualified to clean any fiber-type of carpet including nylon, polypropylene, and even wool. Our cleaning procedure is second to none.  We clean carpet in homes, offices and even high- rise luxury condominiums.      We also recommend applying Dupont Teflon® after the cleaning.

Recommended cleaning frequency: Homes; every year or every 6 months if pets or children live there. Offices; every 3-6 months depending on traffic. 

Pricing: Carpet cleaning prices are calculated by the square foot (deductions are made for any furniture not cleaned under) *the price per s/f changes as the volume of s/f does. example: 3 average size bedrooms may equal about 500 square feet x .65 (nylon)= $325  *(wool x.85=$425) *Note: it is very helpful if you have the sizes of your rooms before calling us.
***for Area rug cleaning pricing, see below***

Teflon® Carpet Protector: Nylon is .20 per s/f and Wool is .30 per s/f



Many of our customers enjoy the fabulous results of our tile and grout cleaning services. The results are usually dramatic. CALL NOW FOR A FREE DEMO! The tile and grout are steam cleaned simultaneously and rinsed with water leaving the tile squeaky clean & dry with zero residue. We also recommend sealing the grout.

Recommended cleaning frequency: Homes; every 2-3 years or more if pets. Offices; every 6 months to a year depending on traffic.

*NOTE: We do not clean grout that has been painted. We do not clean tile in high rise condominiums out of reach of our truck-mounted equipment.

Pricing: Tile cleaning prices are also based on the square foot. example: 1000 square feet= $700 for cleaning. 

Grout sealing: also is available at .45 to .55 per s/f



Area rugs: We clean area rugs in your home. We also recommend applying our high quality fabric protector to the rugs after cleaning. *rugs that have fringe, we can clean the rug but not the fringe.

Recommended cleaning frequency: Every 6 months to a year if rug if frequently used. Every 2-3 years if rug is seldom used.

Don't worry! it's safe with us! Most people don't clean their valuable rugs often enough,(if ever!) because they are worried that the cleaning will ruin or change the look and/or feel of their rug. The fact is, if you don't regularly have your rugs cleaned, they will get ruined from hidden sand and soil and stains.

Pricing for cleaning: Area rug cleaning is priced by the square foot 
"In  your house cleaning" is priced $2 per s/f *ex: 8 x 10 rug = 80s/f x $2 = $160.00     



Clean-Rite is also experienced in cleaning the finest types of fabrics or leather. For some of the same reasons as area rugs, most people don't clean their upholstery often enough (if ever!) Our process is both safe and effective at removing body and pet oils and hair and will extend the life of your favorite upholstered furniture! We also recommend applying our high quality fabric protector. 

Recommended cleaning frequency: Every year if frequently used, and every 2 to 3 years if seldom used. *note: leather should be conditioned every 6 month according to the Leather Master company (the leader in leather care products) 

Pricing: Some upholstery cleaning is priced by the foot and some by the piece. Example: 7 foot sofa x $35 per ft.=$245, 3 foot chair=$105, Ottoman=$50 to $60

Fabric Protector: available at $15 per ln/ft if after cleaning ($18 per ln/ft if just having new upholstery protected)



Pricing example: Seat cushions, $30 ea. Back cushions, $25 ea.*(based on an average sized occasional chair) *(larger cushions priced higher)

*Visable Mold and mildew stains are usually permanent.